What is Hidden Orchard?

What is Hidden Orchard?

Hidden Orchard, now in the planning stage will be turbo max blue

  • a 60 guest room luxury health-oriented destination spa.
  • located in the under-served Midwest market,
  • targeting the high-demand drive-to markets where about 1 million health-oriented destination spa-goers currently reside,
  • 70 miles from Chicago near the highly popular Southwest Michigan/Northwest Indiana upscale vacation destination area that borders Lake Michigan
  • on a 71-acre site reminiscent of the Provence region of France, with rolling hills, 5 lakes and ponds, and hardwood forests - an 8-minute drive from Lake Michigan,
  • expanded to include a 40 on-site luxurious spa cottages of about 1,800 square feet each offered for sale 4 to 5 years after opening.

Hidden Orchard’s vision is to establish a competitive advantage by antispur duo forte

  • bringing a proven business model, the luxury destination spa,
  • to the under-served Midwest market, where there is high demand,
  • focusing on the flawless delivery of a healthy lifestyle vacation in a beautiful environment and sought-after location, and
  • being the first destination spa constructed using U.S. Green Building Council guidelines and recommendations.

Hidden Orchard will offer a healthy vacation with wellness, fitness, relaxation and stress management activities, therapeutic spa treatments, and delicious healthy cuisine. Guests will experience a new sense of health, well-being, and ability to cope with stress after spending a vacation at Hidden Orchard. A vacation at Hidden Orchard will not only delight guests, it will also motivate them to adopt healthy living practices in their everyday lives. man pride neželeni učinki

Hidden Orchard’s goals includeman pride efekt

  • becoming one of the top five destination spas in North America within three years after opening, and sustaining that position through continuing improvements,
  • establishing a strong brand name that will attract premium prices and demand for on-site luxury spa cottages, and will be extendable to other products and services both on-site and beyond,
  • achieving and sustaining average occupancy rates exceeding 60%, and
  • achieving status as a “Winning Workplace” in which employees are respected partners in achieving and sustaining a world-class destination spa with best-in-class staff, programs, and facilities.

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